About Me... Confessions of an Incurable Geek

What's there to say? I started painting miniatures around 1993, when I finished college and got a real job to support a miniature painting habit.

It started so innocently. I wanted a few miniatures for the D&D game I ran. I bought a used HeroQuest game and snagged some of my wife's craft paints and brushes to make those plastic miniatures more fun to play with.

Before long, I was combing through the racks of miniatures at my local hobby shop in search of the perfect mini for my next D&D campaign. Now I'm a full-blown addict.

Many hobbies have come and gone for me, but the two I always come back to are painting miniatures and roleplaying. Maybe it's my nostalgic flights of fancy remembering a bunch of geeks holed up for 24 hour stretches of D&D goodness with nothing but pizza and Mountain Dew for sustenance.

Maybe it's how much that painting miniatures relaxes me... I have 5 kids, so I need all the relaxation I can get.

Whatever the reasons, I love painting miniatures. As a Dungeon Master, I love pulling out a miniature who represents a recurring foe in an ongoing D&D campaign... and hearing the players moan, "Oh, not that guy again!" Yes, it brings joy to my geeky old heart.

When I took a job as an online marketing consultant, my wife hoped that I was no longer a geek. When I had more fun with my boat than I did with my computer one summer, she kept up hope. When I started playing D&D again after years of keeping my addiction at bay, I made her realize what I confess to you here... I'm an incurable geek... and happy about it.

I hope you enjoy painting miniatures as a hobby as much as I do. I'm constantly expanding this site, so come back from time to time and see what goodies I'm creating for your delight.

To contact me, you can find me at seomarketer(at)gmail.com. (I have to disguise the email address so I don't get on a zillion spam lists.)

I'd love to hear what you think about the site, what parts you like, and how you think I can improve it to be more useful to beginning painters and veterans alike. Most of all, I hope you find some new tricks to try which make painting more fun for you with every miniature you make uniquely your own creation.

Have fun, and happy painting!


Isn't that the sweetest dork hat you ever laid eyes on? ...yeah, I gotta fight the "geekettes" off with a stick.