Miniatures Painting Materials Cost Guide

Tip: Make sure to spend your money on quality painting materials.  Don't worry so much about brands as you do about overall quality.
Materials and their Costs
Item Cost
Necessary to Start?
Red $1.50/bottle yes
Yellow $1.50/bottle yes
Blue $1.50/bottle yes
Black $1.50/bottle yes
White $1.50/bottle yes
Flesh $1.50/bottle yes
Gold $1.50/bottle yes
Silver $1.50/bottle yes
Brown $1.50/bottle yes
Green $1.50/bottle no
Purple $1.50/bottle no
Orange $1.50/bottle no
Opalescent $1.50/bottle no
Armory Metallic Paint Set $16 (6-pack) no
Inks, Pellican Drawing (not pigmented) $2.25/bottle no
Drying Retardant/"Extender" $1.50/bottle no
White Enamel Spray Paint $2.00/can yes
Multipack (Department/Craft Store) $10 (10-pack of camel or sable brushes) yes
If bought separately, buy the following:   (single brushes not necessary if you buy the 10-pack, which should include these or similar brushes)
Size 4 flat $3.50/brush yes
Size 2 flat $3.50/brush yes
Size 3 round $3.50/brush yes
Size 2 round $3.50/brush


Size 0 round $3.50/brush yes
Size 00 round $3.50/brush yes
Size 5/0 (00000) round $3.50/brush yes
Size 10/0 round $3.50/brush no
Artist's Palette $1.50 yes
Matte Spray Fixant/Sealer $4.50/spray can yes
Xacto™ Knife $3.50/knife yes
Tweezers $5 no
Wire cutters $5 no
Jeweler's Files $15 (6-pack) no
"hands free vise" $10 no
Super Glue $2 yes
Craft/Household Glue $3 yes
2-Part Epoxy Ribbon $2.75/ounce no
2-Part Epoxy Glue $4 no
Sculpey Modelling Compound $1.25/ounce or $7 for a 2 pound box no
Sand, common free yes

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