Painting Miniature Armies

If you have very little time to paint an army of figures, this may work the best for you. Spray paint the figures black (preferrably acrylic based).

When dry, paint the figure by heavily drybrushing each color of clothing, face, etc. Spend most time on the face and details such as swords, belts, and the like that people will notice easily.

This technique will give deep shadows which don't get touched during drybrushing and will look good from a distance.

You may want to go back when you have some time and highlight by drybrushing the colors lighter and lighter, using less paint with each lighter color. I hate to rush with miniatures, preferring to spend sufficient time until they look like I want, but sometimes you don't have that option.

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gaia lady miniature painted

Using washes and drybrushing, this kind of miniature takes little time, even if you have several to paint.