Converting Miniatures: Figure Modifications

You can make changes to the figure to make it more what you have in mind. This takes a steady hand and a lot of patience.

If you are unhappy with the face of a figure, you can carve away at it with an xacto knife to make features more prominent or to make slight alterations.

Some are so brave as to use a bit of plumber's epoxy putty applied to the face or other part of the figure and sculpt the desired changes. I have not tried this, but can only assume that it would work fine as the epoxy putty is meant to stick to lead pipe, so it should stick well to a figure.

You can make spears out of small pieces of piano wire hammered flat at the end. A jeweler's file can be used to put a good point on it.

Swords can be made in the same way by hammering flat some thicker gauge wire and filing to shape. This is the best way to make swords that are durable enough for game play.

Any weapons that you remove be sure and save. You may want a figure later to have that weapon, and if you have one on hand it is much easier than sculpting a new one.

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